Thing number 11. (about half way through the program already!!) Take a look at LibraryThing, and catalog some books. To start, I created a librarything account. It was very very easy. You just needed to type in a user name and password, and you're in. After you're signed in the first time, it takes you to a place where you can begin cataloging your books. It's as simple as typing in some words from the title, author name, isbn number or even the book's bar code. Librarything searches amazon, the library of congress and 70 other world libraries for matches to your search. The hits are shown, you click on your book, and it's automatically added to your personal catalog. Here is my list of books on librarything. I wish there was a feature to sort your list according to author. Right now it's done by title. Maybe the feature is just hiding from me in the "display view" options. I think librarything could stand to be a bit more user friendly as far as changing the sort options of your list. Also in the world of librarything, there are groups where you can talk to other librarything users with like tastes in reading materials. Another way to connect to your neighbors in librarything is to see who has a library that includes books in your own library. This function hasn't been working since june 13th, apparently. It's a shame because that was one of the features I was most looking forward to trying. You can also look at each individual book's "social information" in your library, and see who else has that booked cataloged as well. For example, the book Marley and me by John Grogan was added to my library and 1,394 other member's libraries! Librarything has another cool feature to offer. You can search for recommendations based on books you've read or owned. There is also an UnSuggester, which shows you books you would probably NOT want to read, based on books you've read or owned! I tried an UnSuggester search with Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien. Librarything thinks I would probably not enjoy How to be Popular by Meg Cabot. I think they're right about that one! Librarything is one great way to keep track of a huge book collection, find like-minded readers, or to find your next book to read.

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