Exploring Flickr

For "thing number 5" (explore flickr), I decided to blog about some of my own photos! Of course, it's going to be pictures of my baby Jandy.
Please scratch my tummy!
I think I have a million pictures of her saved on my computer. She's a mutt - australian shepherd and shar pei. She's so much fun to photograph because I catch her in the craziest poses.
These are two of my favorite shots of Jandy. I sat on the floor with her that day and took about 10-15 pictures of her just being a goofball :)

I can spend hours and hours on flickr. One awesome photo always leads to another! It's also a big social network. You can communicate with your fellow photographers by leaving their pictures comments, or responding to comments they've left on your pictures. There are thousands of group pools with specific themes in which you can add your own picture that fits with the theme. You can invite other people's photos to join you in the pool as well, and participate in group discussions on the group message boards. You can also subscribe to someone's photo stream, and when any of your "subscriptions", aka contacts, post new photos, you can see them all on one page.
As you probably realized by now, I'm completely sold on this whole flickr thing. I've been posting my pictures there since march, and I think I'll stick around there for a long long time =)

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