I have tackled thing number 12, which is roll your own search tool with rollyo. Rollyo is a site which allows you to create a custom search engine. You can search only the sites in which you want your results to appear. I was having a hard time thinking of what I wanted my search roll to specialize in, so I peeked at a list of starter subjects that rollyo had. I chose shopping, and entered a few of my favorite online shopping sites. The results page was a little confusing. There are a lot of hits from sites that I didn't ask to have searched, like blogs and "sponsored links". To help narrow things down, you can opt to just show results from one select site. I'm not sure I'd actually use rollyo for shopping! Nevertheless, Here is my shopping search roll. I also added a search box over there to the right. It allows you to either search the web, my shopping sites, or my blog (just choose from the drop down list). There are more useful search rolls on rollyo that others have created! I liked the quick quotes search roll, and the free photos search roll.

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