The Finish Line

Thing #23 Summarize your thoughts about this program and learn more about where to go from here.

Okay, it's that time! I'm ending my journey through the 23 Things! My first post was on june 7th. Since then, I've advanced my knowledge of technology, and learned a few new tidbits that the world of web 2.0 has to offer. I've also discovered the existence of library 2.0. It was very interesting to explore how knowing about these new technologies can help librarians serve the community better. Looking back, there were a few things that this program brought to my attention that I may never have learned about before. For example, I had no idea there were such things as "online productivity web-based applications". Rollyo and LibraryThing were also brand new concepts to me. My favorite Thing was #5 (explore flickr) because I got to show off my dog. hehe! I enjoyed looking through the list of web 2.0 award winning sites too. I'm happy I signed up for the program and was able to broaden my "world wide web horizons" further than I thought possible. Hopefully I can help others do the same!


HCPL Techincal Trainer said...

krista, I so glad you finished your 23 things. I have been telling people that you have a great blog and that you were one of the first to throw yourself straight into blogging. I hope that you continue to blog and be a great example for others.

HCPL WebMaster said...

Congrats too from me! Good job. I love your graphics and I hope you'll continue to post to the blog as well ... even if it takes off on a completely new tangent! Go for it. Thanks for encouraging others... I saw a few comments with your name. ;-)