zoho, zoho, it's off to work we go!

Thing number 18 already! The following was composed with zoho writer. I published it directly from zoho's site, and it was easy as pie.

Zoho writer is a cool tool!

All the little buttons here are intriguing!
They even have some emoticons here to use! laughing

Here is a table that was easily added
You just select the table button and tell it how many cells you'd like!

There is a chart for inserting "special characters" so that I can type "my fiancĂ©" correctly!

Zoho writer is similar to any "word" program. It's conviently housed on the web, so there are no problems with OS compatibility, and you can save the file in any format. Zoho has several other services that I found interesting, such as zoho show, to make things like power points. (they even have a wiki!)

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