IT'S HERE! The final installment of the harry potter saga. I read about 200 some pages on saturday, then read most of the afternoon/evening sunday, and stayed up until 3am finishing it. IT WAS SO GOOD! There were a couple things that weren't totally resolved for me.. [SPOILER] Where did neville get gryffindor's sword from (to kill nagini) if griphook took it in the lestrange's gringotts vault?[/SPOILER] But I loved it and could barely put it down. I've found some very cool harry potter-related entertainment on the web. 20q.net has a HP version of the game here. Think of anything in the harry potter books or movies. Select what category it falls under (person, place thing), and the game will try and guess what you're thinking of in 20 questions or less. It's CRAZY how smart thing thing is. I once chose harry's sock (the one he gave to free dobby from the malfoys), and the 20q game got it! I've also fallen in love with the potter puppet pals:

[EDIT SPOILER MUSING]I figured out how neville got the sword after talking it over with my fiancé! Neville pulled it out of the sorting hat (like harry did in COS) after voldemort put it on his head. I can sleep now![/EDIT SPOILER MUSING]

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